hats off!

 Hey guys! super love my latest thrift wide legged pants got it for only P200..yes and its Topshop :)

 with my co-sts ( sales & training supervisor) keyo from sucat branch and mitch from shaw:) i love this gurls

Every month we have our training in preparation for next month's are some of the STSs from you can see were all wearing a hat...unlike for me coz Mitch borrowed mine..
 love keyo's sunnies :) my extreme finds necklace is such a statement piece hehe
 here are the ingredients for this Month's Taste of Tupperware...Jel Ring Clubhouse Sandwich
 look oh parang cake!...but that's layer of cheese, wheat bread, bacon, chicken etc yummy :) cant' wait to do this at the branch :)
 my Baby care plus baller...this will be free next month..perfectly matches my kiddo bands haha...(white leather stud bracelet from extreme finds, F21 ring)
that's it for now! have a great weekend guys!
-ILK :)