a taste of KYSS

Hey guys! Last Saturday night my bestfriend Cesz had a post birthday celebration at KYSS.. we were suppose to go to robot but decided not to..
as usual we had Vodka kurant for drinks- our favorite :)
family picture??? haha
that's cesz, my bitch,  (that's how we call each other) trying the color block her outfit:) she's wearing zara top and f21 skirt and accessories
that's karen, wifey, looking so gorgeous! hate her for being so skinny! we used to be two chubby girls way back in college but now look at it!
love the couch and the interior :) read my lips

wifey trying to buy a cheaper cigarette haha!

this is the chuvachoochoo shot :)
i love extreme finds necklace perfect for my hot pink top :)
floral bangle diy, f21 turquoise ring, extreme finds ring connector, f21 ring
hmmmm?? spotted june with another date? just kidding..she just bumped into one of her co workers
joy i cant see your eyes..
YEAH men! that's Sam YG aka guru shivaker with the birthday gurl!
love this wall perfect mix!
that's june, aka  benny.. love the uneven're totally rocking the scarf babe!
                                                                      solo shots
                                      joy- love the bondage skirt and bola-bola necklace and the pumps:)
                                                               karen- super smile
                                   that's me- amanda-pink top, club monaco skirt, fendi purse
                                                  love this group shot :) till then
                                                       xoxo- ILK

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