brazilian blowout zero experience

Hey guys! Last week I treated my super damaged hair to a Brazilian Blowout Zero Experience..This is the latest Hollywood craze and it just hit Manila last year..if you tired of having dry frizzy hair this treatment is for you..Note: this is not a Straightening treatment but instead this will make your hair softer, smoother for at least 12 weeks..I had digital perming last year and this treatment is perfect for know more about brazilian blowout click here
So what the did to my hair..first they used the Brazilian shampoo after that the applied the smoothening solution..then the combed my hair to make sure that the cream was spread thoroughly
after that they blow dried my hair then ironed it after ( with the cream still on) then the washed it with the special brazilian condtioner

if you guys living down south and you want to try it go to Hairspray Salon BFRV Drive Las Pinas. They have a special promo you can get it for only P1500 any length..If you guys want to get straighter hair I suggest you try the original Brazilian Blowout Treatment..but if your hair is already straight and just need a treatment this one is for you!

This are the after results..actually I dyed my hair darker 2 weeks before this but after the Brazilian Blowout Zero treatment my hair color before became more visible..
I look like an 80's singer lol..the hairstylist trimmed my hair and styled the ends a little wavy so that it wouldn't look pin straight
Now my hair is still wavy ( because Im naturally curly and had a digi perm 2x already) but smoother and more bagsak :)
Have a great day guys!
-ILK :)


  1. looks lovely. Have to give it a try.xx

  2. How much did it cost you? and do you still have to iron/blow dry everyday it to obtain perfect result?

    1. hi jean my hair is naturally curly and had it digi permed last year so if i want it straight i still have to blow dry it..if you want it really straight you should try the orginal brazilian blowout..what i did is zero..which will make ur hair more soft and manageable but it wont straighten it :) hope this answers your question :)

  3. What's the difference between the treatment and the original BBO? I did my brazilian blowout for Php 5,600 at benefits eastwood. The procedure is exactly like yours :( was i ripped off?

    1. I think that's a little expensive although brazilian blowout is really expensive and it really depends on the thickness of your hair mine is is manipis lang..anyway zero is more mild compared with the original dear..actually i wanted to try the original coz it is the effect will be straighter compared with the zero..hope i was able to answer your question. how's your hair now? :)

  4. Hi do you know how much the original brazilian blowout- the one that will actually straighten your hair- cost?