back to basics

 hey guys!... what I'm wearing is a mash up of what every girl has to have
1.) a basic white tee- the one you run to when youre too lazy to dress up or you just want to wear something light and comfy. (white oversized tee from ASOS)
2. a pair of denim shorts- this one is a diy and I love it!
3.) basic black pumps- its simple yet classy and goes well with everything, oh and having a nude one wouldn't hurt at all..
4. a statement necklace- necklaces are a staple to my outfits..imagine this outfit without one. it would be boring right? I personally like colorful striking ones
5) an oversized clutch- love this animal print clutch from my Aunt
6.) a hat- whether its a floppy hat or fedora it doesn't matter..for me it gives a little umph to an mine from my recent trip to cebu
7.) funky rings and bracelets- now its a must to excessorize! -learned that from laureen uy
love this colorful bracelets I found at the kids section of sm
anyways..last week, i know late post during my rest day..we went to the mall to have Sebastian's first ever
 haircut..we went to kids salon..haircut costs P300 and additional 150 if you want to get a certificate with matching before and after shots and hair..was supposed to get that but apparently they don't have a camera so haircut nalang...mahal dba? eh kasi mas mahirap daw gupitan ang kids..

that's the before shot and mom giving instructions...." ma wag ka na mashadong choosy d pa mashado makapal ang hair ni sebastian para mamili ng hairstyle" haha

some of the haircut choices

o diba? commercial lang katapat niyan di na gagalaw si sebastian...nakakatawa yung moves ng barbero haha (samantalation effect)
tadah! may nagbago ba? trim lang kasi super thin hair ni baby..mas naging shorter lang sa likod but i like it :)
that's it for now! have a great chilly week guys!!!
-ILK :)

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