my masterpiece!you can buy the  mini balls and bendable wires frpm office warehouse
super cute cupcakes and cake by bonbondcakes

                                     another I made a mini scrapbook wherein guests can write their message for my friend
and the winner for the face dance is...
game 2- pass the calamansi
the contender's for the daddy's milk game
lovel (photographer/pastry chef- yes she made the cake), karen, riza- the make up artist, and me)

another winner for the face dance

game 4- charades
the yummy baked macaroni- karen's favorite
I brought Sebastian's pop up book for display..see it blends with karen's bee you can see my friend loves to collect bumble I told her to bring some of her collections so that we can use it for display!
my origami! this idea from donata check her blog here

yummy giveaways

game prizes

Hey guys! Last week I hosted a baby shower for my bestfriend Karen..She's 8 mos pregnant due at the end of January..She wanted to have her baby shower before December to avoid the holiday rush..
I was so swamped with work the whole November and only had 2 days to prepare (talk about cramming huh) Thank god of my expertise lol and of course my job this wasn't new to me so I didn't have a hard time preparing and thinking of baby shower we played again the ever popular face dance check my previous post here for the mechanics,
then we played game 2 -daddy's milk
all you need are 4 small baby bottle, fresh milk and 4 guy players
first guy to finish the milk wins

3rd game is calamansi game- first group to finish passing the calamansi by sliding it in to the players shirt and pants wins.
last game is charades which Karen insisted 'coz its their favorite game back in high school..

It was truly a fun night with Karen's family and closest friends around..and am really glad I made wifey (karen) so happy with all the presents she received for her little one :)




  1. Ahh!!! I love the theme! Everything looks delicious too! Now I want cupcakes! :p

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  2. Great shower party! I love the the designs, cakes and all! Very creative! Looks like you guys had so much fun :)