do it the mafia way!

Hey guys! last Saturday my friend june had her bridal shower at picasso makati..being her high school friend..actually we've been friends since kinder..we organized her mafia themed bridal shower..
I still cant believe it! she's getting married next week..they only met two years ago got engaged last year and now its all happening.. I'm so happy for you benny..that's what we call each other..I know your in good are some games you can play for bridal shower..

1. FACE DANCE- I'M sure most of you are familiar with Showtime wherein they ask some of their audience or guests to do the face dance..of course you need the music to make it more fun..
things you need
a. music for the face dance you can download it on youtube
b. an old frame
c. at least 6 players
d.a camera so that you can show your guests the winners or they can help you decide the winner
the objective of the game is whoever has the funniest or most unique  make face will win

2.  PIN the ab (angry bird) lol
 a. scarf for blindfold
b. penis shaped paper
c.tarpaulin of a macho man with the face of the groom

the objective of this game is whoever pins the AB nearest wins

3. WAKE THE RUNWAY (UNFORTUNATELY WE DIDN'T PLAY THIS GAME DUE TO LACK OF TIME) but trust me this is so much fun coz this is where the guests gets drunk haha
you'll be needing:

a. two hardbound books, same size
b. masking tape
c. hard drink ( preferably tequila)
and shot glass (2)
 YOU NEED 2 groups with 5 players each
using the masking tape form 2 straight lines at least 4 mts or 12 steps

the player has to walk straight with the book on top of the head. everytime the book falls the player will go back from the start and take a shot of the tequila, first group to finish wins.
hope you guys learned something :)

another suggestion to end the party you can play an AVP with the bride's pictures with her family, friends and love ones playing her favorite would be so much fun.. :)

top- bottomline
skirt, tights and necklace- forever 21
shoes- chilli margarita

ILK :)


  1. Great bridal shower party! Love the setting, props and the cake, haha! You ladies looked so stylish in black :)

  2. That's so crazy!! Haha but it sounds like so much fun. :) Congratulations to your friend!

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  3. haha thanks megan followed you now :)