Hey guys just wanted to share to you some (out of 1000++) photos I had from my recent trip to cebu waterfront for our National Manahers' Conference

we were welcomed by this group of dancers..they were all full of smiles..
our breakfast or brunch for the BLT conference love the chicken
first night was fun night...theme was glam rock thank god I didn't have to buy leather jacket and boots saved me! haha!

thats our beloved president :)
Was assigned at the backstage that means free photos with our guest here with our chief make up artist bianca valerio...told her I saw her on phil. gFashion week but was too shy to approach her "she told me next time you say hi" :) BONANZA! fabulous! fantastic!-those were her favorite expressions when we had a workshop with her before..she's really funny!

this time with our newest endorser for BAby CAre Plus kids Dimples Romana-she's very nice and pretty :)
these are just some of the awards we arranged for our delegates! super dami!!!

with our tupperware endorser Chef Marvin Agustin
had a quick escape during a break to Sto nino church..too bad we didn't visit Magellan's Cross which was just beside Sto Nino church...gusto ko pa naman magpapicture sa ceiling hay:( next time we need a tourist guide :)

fashion show for HAnes, Playtex and Wonderbra
she's such a doll!
with Gary V and his so Gab before they hit the stage :) Gary V. is just soooo nice he said Thank you so much after the photo and he is so bango including his pawis haha :)
with aljur our newest endorser for our Men's Fragrance line...funny I hit his face wtith my head dress haha :) he's so macho but not as good looking in TV and billboards

Grabe napaos kami kay Gary haha
love this photo!
and his boots!!!!