2nd hurrah!

Hey guys! last day at the city of pines...
was supposed to wear my leather jacket but too bad uminit unlike our first day bwahahaha:)
trying out my brother's mountain bike..biker chic ito!
this plant is so cool..I dunno what you call it I just found it at the place we stayed..
amazing!!!!!!!! haha
at the wright park...gosh now they are asking for P300 or $6 for 1 hour of horseback ride..I remember when I was a kid they only charge for less than a hundred..oooh time flies..
love my hat? me bad I didn't buy it now I regret it after seeing the photos haha
diva soul thrifted top, h&m harem pants, nine west boots, f21 accessories

on our way home somwhere in tarlac we stopped by ISDAAN restaurant..finally!

they have this wall where you can release all your anger by hitting them with huh! (small plate costs less than P15) funny they also sell an old television which you can also throw...but you have to think twice coz the tv costs P2,500..haha:)
love the place so much too bad its raining!
what's nice is you can also feed the fishes :)
have a great week guys!!!
-ILK :)


  1. cool jacket! :) i've always wanted to check that place where you throw plates, fun ba? haha

  2. you should try it! astig yung place..the restaurant is named isdaan located somewhere in tarlac..they'll be opening daw another branch somewhere in laguna:) thanks for dropping by my blog reg:)