last hurrah for summer!

Hey guys! finally after weeks of being stressed from work because of an event I was organizing finally I got my much needed break..went to the city of pines, Baguio City with my fam bam!
 tha's my mom and me playing candid I told her pretend were laughing haha!
                                                i love sebastian's new shoes from cez and june:)

at this moment I was contemplating which boots to wear which do you think is better???
 my ninewest 
                        or wild thing thigh high??? my mom said I should wear the thigh high so there you               kung boots haha!

 it was all gloomy and raining so I got an excuse to wear my boots! haha! people were staring and giving me weird look( I even heard a kid from a souvenir shop telling her mom "ma tingnan mo yung boots niya ang laki tadaaaah! and then the mom said ang ganda noh) haha..thank  god I survived it! oh my for the love of fashion :)
 loved the placed we stayed is a 3 bedroom house nothing so extravagant compared to hotels but I love the garden and the well maintained house ( and really cheap too..P2500 overnight)....feels like home:) (its located near Wright park and St louie's church

 I want strawberries...too bad we didn't get to buy it was so expensive P180 a kilo or  almost $4

 the biggest dog? askal?? reminds me of our old dog Birk ( but smaller)..yes he was named after birkenstock at that time it was so much popular..

                                                         feels like heaven :)
                                            the sweet corn which isn't so sweet weird huh

                                  thrifted top, diy levi's shorts, wild thing boots from US, forever 21 accessories
                                                           more photos on my next post :)

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