Hey guys!!! how are you all spending your holy week???
I'm on my way to my lola's house at Mabini, Batangas..thank god no traffic!!!gosh I'm so tan and nget2 :) with my cousins and brothers

what a dream home
dusty living room..their cleaning up for the town fiesta on monday too bad I cant be there..I already missed 3 or 4 fiestas I think because it always fall on a workday :(got my back anniv issue of elle from my tita sebastian's walking :)
NOW HOW CAN i SWIM WITH THAT CUT!!!!! WAAAH got into an accident while taking photos of our garden got a deep cut from a stupid coffee table with glass top!! apparently the glass has rough/unfinished edges!!!! scar again ahuhuh!!!
grandma's rosary, sm mic- necklace turned hair acccessory, forever21 rings

drama queen at the doorstep haha:)

on to the outfit..just found this precious vintage top (worn backwards) at my mom’s closet..those buttons were really meant for the back..I just find it more edgy wearing it this way..
for my hair accessory its my necklace..

hope you guys had a blessed holy week!!!
much love,

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