Today is a ME-day! So what better way to spend is to try a new nail spa..My friend June who is getting married tomorrow recommended me JUST FOR NAILS waxing & spa..its located along Aguire Ave..near Kabooze bar and might missed out on this because of its teenie weenie signage..

 Love the semi circle arc..
 I love the modern yet cozy interior..The place is very neat which is a must for nail spas..
Manicure and Pedicure costs P300 which is a bit pricey..sana they could lower it..I asked pa nga if they have special promos for early birds kasi ganun with other spas..

They have a wide array of nail polish.. I'm sure you'll go gaga on what to choose..they have China Glaze and Orly which I both like coz its super tibay! Trust me in my kind of job you have to use an imported nail polish so that it will last really long compared from local brands na after a few days sira na.. :)

 after contemplating from 4 pink colors finally nakapili din I chose ORLY barbie pink I like!
and the couch, the print is so perfect for the cozy place..and super comfy too!
lovely lighting fixture
pay attention to details! great job with the semi circle arc truly  a nice accent

cool idea for an establishment use frames of all sizes minus the pictures

lastly they have a hand dryer...parang binoblower lang ang compared with other nail spa which they use mini fans 

All in All I like it.. you guys should try it!

Till then!I need some beauty rest for the wedding excited!


ILK :)


  1. Kryz, nice ba the way they paint and cut the cuticles? I'm looking for a new nail salon in BF. I used to get my mani-pedi at Get Polished all the time but I had a horrible experience with them last week so I don't want to go back na. :?

  2. wow kookie! you found my blog hihi! :) ok sa kanila medyo expensive lang..and di nila gagalawin cuticle mo just tell them..
    I haven't tried get polished why what happend? ..before I used to go sa my tralala haven sa bf resort
    check mo yung link okay din dun kasi up to 10pm sila kahit mag 10 pm ka na ng gabi dumating they would still do your nails :) very accomodating sila and affordable..:)