leather plus neon equals LOVE

Summer’s here but that doesn’t stop me from wearing this great find! yes finally I found the one…the perfect leather jacket!!!! at first I was a bit skeptical coz I really wanted a chinese collar for my leather jacket..but after seeing other fellow chictopians (zigk and harriet) with a full collar I said its not that bad actually its cool! as long as it is short!!! now I feel like a biker chic! haha! then I paired it with my neon shirt dress…I’m loving neons nowadays! perfect for summer!!! so happy inlove??? haha

biker chic or night rider??? bwahahaha
my brother paulo..chumichictopia hehe:)
meet sebastian and mah momma:)
rock star vibe haha!
using my dad's vintage rayban..


  1. found your blog on chictopia! such a lovely pics!!! :)
    we can follow each other if you want, i already do:)

  2. thanks dear:) ill follow you now:)